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Welcome to INS Infusion Room. Join us as we discuss current issues with innovative clinicians and industry partners who address a wide range of subjects related to the specialty practice of infusion therapy.


Jul 22, 2021

Host: Dawn Berndt, DNP, RN, CRNI® – INS Clinical Education and Publications Manager


·      Evelyn Chan, MBBS, MSc, DCH

·      Thomas Sutton

Interested in innovative technology that supports pediatric pain management and procedure phobia? In the 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, Standard 32, Pain Management with Venipuncture and Vascular Access Procedures, notes: “Use distraction techniques. The use of ‘virtual reality’ by use of a computer-simulated environment accessed through a head-mounted device was found to be effective in children in decreasing pain associated with venipuncture.” Listen in as Dr. Evelyn Chan and Thomas Sutton discuss Smileyscope, a virtual reality solution that “redefines fear through positive technology.”


Chan, E., Hovenden, M., Ramage, E., et al. Virtual reality for pediatric needle procedural pain: two randomized clinical trials. J. Pediatr. 2019;209:160–167.